Who does the money stick to?


Who does the money stick to? This happens very often, as we all tried to do once.And we all failed (so we all failed).It all started with the same intentions: to become rich and live in prosperity.But, alas, the path to big money has become rather complex — and there is no simple answer to it.We tried. We tried. We tried.And in order to understand what works and what doesn't, we need to understand the facts:1) the Best way to get rich is to become a rich person yourselfYes, you heard right.You need to become a real professional in your field, learn how to handle money properly, and don't give up when faced with failures. I'll repeat this again. Do not give up when faced with failure. Do not give up when faced with poor results. If you don't like the result, then change your mindset.2) Money "sticks" to those who treat them wellIf you get a salary, you have a right to be happy. But also, thank God, there are always those who receive a salary that are extremely happy. Why is that? Because the main thing in life is not how much money you earn. The main thing is how you treat other people.How a person treats money — that's what he or she will get rich from.I'll give you an example: let's Say you are a good specialist in your field for example, you have a good qualification, you are on the verge of a good breakthrough, etc. You can begin to achieve your lifelong dream of becoming a professional in your field of activity.If you take a closer look at the statistics of your job — you can see that in the statistics of your field of activity there are always those who receive a salary much higher than the average. 3) Make your money work For a long time, you should not be told what to do.To receive a large salary, you need to be in demand in the labor market. To do this, you need to:be prepared for the fact that you will be dismissed early;understand that it is likely that you will be able to find a suitable replacement for yourself;have the motivation to become the best in your field;have a strong ambition and an unprecedented amount of perseverance in the labor market.This is the only way your money will grow and multiply. very large numbers of them.4) Money should bring you incomeNot a single word in this article implies that you should immediately get rid of your family and live on the streets. If you do not yet know how to properly handle your personal finances, then you will learn this after the article is over. For the sake of your family's financial well-being, do not accept "handouts" from the state.Even if you are used to receiving very small amounts from the